Kristofer Buckle Always Flawless Day To Night Palette

Kristofer Buckle always flawless day to night palette


Sometimes you just wanna break it down to the bare basics…

So, a few weeks ago I met with one of Hollywood’s biggest makeup artists, Kristofer Buckle, and discussed a myriad of things ranging from online dating, to his epic list of celeb clients (ahem: top divas like Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera and Ariana Grande, to name a few), to his new palette that I’m honestly obsessed with.  If you want a simple, just the bare minimum palette, this is the palette for YOU.

Kristofer Buckle Always Flawless Day To Night Palette was concocted after Kristofer realized that he was using the same few shades over and over again, with all of his clients, and just using them in different ways.  This perfectly edited palette combines soft, nude tones with deep, dramatic shadows for endless possibilities.  Plus, unlike some non-department store palettes, these shades are rich and have an awesome pigments to them.

P.S.- I also blogged about Kristofer’s soon-to-be-released Lip Crayon HERE.

3 thoughts on “Kristofer Buckle Always Flawless Day To Night Palette

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  2. Same here but I think their target acniedue is young professional women, hence the more classic (i.e. boring) packaging and muted color range. I hate how the palettes all have that funny hexagonal shape though!

  3. I’m a Mariah Carey Impersonator (not a tribute artist) and I’m in love with his products.. I have sensitive skin and somehow can use this with out issues. It’s a wonderful quality

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