Laneige Water Bank Serum

Laneige water bank serum

It’s getting hot outside and my skin needs some serious moisture…

I know what you’re thinking: “ugh, another serum?” but YES, another serum has hit the market and I really, really like it.  LANEIGE is a new skin care line, straight from Korea, and I recently tested out their LANEIGE Water Bank Serum after researching some info about the brand.  So yes, there ARE a ton of skincare brands that launch every season, but when something comes from Korea I tend to play closer attention; for one, many top brands have started first in Korea and two, the packaging is pretty fab…and guess what? It’s actually sold exclusively at Target, so it doesn’t hurt your wallet too much.  I love that this new brand uses special mineral water, that they spent more than 20 years formulating, and contains some pretty awesome good-for-your-skin ingredients like magnesium (great for moisture!), zinc and bio-peptides.

The Water Bank Serum, in particular, is great for any skin type and will definitely be a staple in my summer skincare regimen since it’s so hydrating.

Will you guys try the new line?

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