Lilac summer love


The other day I was walking down a street in my neighborhood, lost in my own thoughts, when I suddenly stopped dead in my tracks.

What was it? The scent of LILACS.  I never realized that the pretty purple flower had any kind of affect on me whatsoever but after accidentally inhaling their scent, I almost instantly flashed back to my childhood, and specifically to a memory of me running around in my yard wearing a bathing suit and chasing fire flies around my family’s lilac bush. I mean, I know. How cliche, right?  Little Jamie in the suburbs chasing, yes, FIRE FLIES?  I stood there for a moment and kind of basked in the memory. It was hot but not too hot (maybe June or August in New York), I was young and really, truly happy.  The mini flash back made me realize that I want to spend THIS summer feeling exactly how I felt at that point in my life: free and happy.

So, new summer goal: live like little Jamie chasing fire flies around her childhood lilac bush.

Have you guys ever had a scent-induced flash back?

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