The Best Liquid Eyeliner

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Fun fact: I’m usually pretty terrible at applying liquid eyeliner, so when I decided to try this LANCOME version and had actual (easy) success, I was pretty stoked.

LANCOME ARTLINER PRECISION POINT EYELINER is really more like a paintbrush, hence the name “artliner,” which I love.  I’ve always had trouble when the liquid eyeliner point is too stiff, making it hard to move and manipulate so the fact that the brush is loose and soft (it’s foam!) actually makes it easier, at least for me.  The eyeliner itself has rich, deep, luminous color pigments and I definitely think the Noir shade is going to be a new favorite.


I obviously tried the liner out first on my hand, given that it’s important to get a “feel” for the pen before you actually put it on your eyelid and risk poking yourself, which I’ve obviously done before (many times).

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2 thoughts on “The Best Liquid Eyeliner

  1. I’ll have to check this out as I can’t do anything but a cat eye with liquid liner! I really like liners from Tarte and NYX. Both have a felt tip and draw a perfect black cat eye. Plus, neither brands tests on animals!

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