A little throwback to 90s beauty products


Because these products just scream middle school…


Clinique 7-Piece Gift with Purchase: Let me start off by saying that the Clinique GWP (gift with purchase) was my absolute JAM in middle school. I’d make my mom buy a lipstick or something from the Clinique counter at Macy’s and then I would reap the reward: several mini-sized products that I would never be able to buy myself at age 13.  It just made me feel super fancy for a middle schooler and when the Clinique PR team sent me their latest GWP with Macy’s, as soon as I opened it up I instantly got a flutter of that feeling all over again.  This GWP, in particular, is a great one- you get pretty much everything you’d want to try from the brand (Take The Day Off, Happy perfume, their infamous moisturizer, etc.) and you only need to spend $27 so you really can’t beat that. It’s available now until October 17th at Macy’s and Macys.com.


Bath & Body Works Sun Ripened Raspberry Shower Gel: Sun Ripened Raspberry was my favorite BBW scent growing up (they recently brought it back!) and I can’t get enough of this stuff.  Aside from the yummy raspberry scent, the shower gel has moisturizing aloe, vitamin E and shea butter for tons of shower-time moisturization.


Wet n’ Wild Wild Shine Nail Color in Do Pass Go: One of the first beauty products I ever remember owning was green nail polish, and it was most definitely Wet n’ Wild. I wish I could remember the exact shade of green that I used to wear but this one looks prettttty, pretttty close.

btw, the cute green key chain is from Em John (similar here).

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