Living Room Makeover


Because, after 6 years, my living room needed this…

To start…I am, by NO means, good at interior design.  I’m a creative person, I know what I like/what I don’t like, and I can make definitive decisions but, for whatever reason, when it comes to home decor I’m all “uhhhh, I don’t know…” and I take years (literally) to make ANY decision at all.  Over the past year or so I’ve enlisted all my interior design-inclined friends (MaryLeah and Roxy are THE best and gave me TONS of good tips/product suggestions) and, finally, I feel like I’m making some progress.  One thing that Mary pointed out (in the nicest way possible) was that my couches…they were pretty BEAT.  Not because I didn’t try to keep them nice, but mostly because my oldest cat, Gemma, moved into my apartment and made two sides (one on each couch) her BITCH.  Yep, she clawed at that thing every chance she got and I tried everything to get her top stop.  All the sprays, all the scents, putting objects in front of it…you name it, I tried it.  Over the course of about two years Gemma destroyed my couches and they were at the point of no return.



Thanks, Gemma.

Mary suggested that I look into getting replacement couch covers since most IKEA couches can easily be switched out and it might be more cost efficient than buying TWO new couches.  After doing some research, I found Cover Couch and immediately fell in love with a similar blue to my original shade (Gaja Pacific Blue) and it ended up being the PERFECT fix.  The covers are awesome quality and were really easy to put on – my TaskRabbit guy did both couches in about two hours, which is REALLY fast considering you have to disassemble, switch the covers and then reassemble.


IKEA Karlstad love seat | IKEA Karlstad three seat couch | Karlstad three-seat sofa couch cover (c/o) | Karlstad two-seat sofa couch cover (c/o) | Target pillows, old (similar) | Pottery Barn faux fur white throwThreshold metal accent table, old (similar)New York state mirror | Moroccan shag rug | Pier 1 Hayworth coffee table, old (similar)

I also got a new rug, which I LOVE and waited THREE MONTHS to get.  I’m not Carrie Bradshaw…I don’t wait for furniture, so you know I wanted this rug.


Still loving the vibrant blue and the covers fit perfectly on my IKEA Karlstad cover couch


Gemma likes to contemplate scratching my new couch covers…but she knows better.

Next stop, my bedroom. Oy. I can literally feel the anxiety as I type that…why is home design so hard?!


7 thoughts on “Living Room Makeover

  1. Thanks for trusting CoverCouch, Jamie! Your apartment looks lovely.

    Emilie: if you need to give your IKEA couch a twist, let us know! We will help you out! 🙂

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  5. Impressive living room makeover! The color palette and furniture choices create a stylish and inviting space. Well done on achieving such a fantastic transformation. It’s inspiring to see how small changes can make a big impact!

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