Major Moisture


I’m all about moisturizing everything, especially now that the weather is getting “cooler”…

Of course, I put “cooler” in quotations because I DO live in Southern California and “cold” here is pretty much 60 degrees.  However, I do have a few go-to favorites for my lips, hair and skin.

Yes To Coconut Cooling Lip Oil// Lip oil is 100% the way to go if you have issues with dry lips. I’ve tried EVERYTHING because, yeah, dry lips are gross, and this cooling lip oil works VERY WELL.

Mitch Stone Essentials Lustre Drops// Hair gloss can be kind of a basic bitch but THIS hair gloss (e.g. Lustre Drops) has tons of good-for-your-hair ingredients like papaya extract, vitamin E, C and B6 (good for hair growth!).  It also does a bomb job of smoothing flyaway hairs and taming frizz.

Chantecaille Rose de Mai Cream// Pricey? Yes. Totally worth it?  DEFINITELY.  Chantecaille products are always amazing but I was first informed about this specific product from Eileen of ThisThatBeauty.com while we were judging the Glam.com beauty awards together.  She told me how fab it is for dry skin (check) and for calming redness (check, check)…and then let’s discuss the scent.  ROSES.  I LOVE the smell of roses, and I’m totally sold.  This moisturizer draws on the healing properties of one of the world’s rarest roses (from Grasse, France).  Along with two types of plant cells, and exclusive new clarifying ingredients to stimulate skin’s immune system, the cream also helps to boost your natural radiance from within and improves the skin’s ability to protect, repair and hydrate itself.


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