Makeup Brush and Scalp Luxury


I can’t even explain how excited I became when I saw this brush set for the first time…

Up until now I’ve had a mish mosh of brushes- some good, some NOT so good, but even when I would look at other brush sets they would never have every brush that I needed, so I didn’t buy any.  This Sonia Kashuk All That Jazz 1o-Piece Brush Set is, as the name tells you, 10 pieces and pretty much has every brush you could really want.  Most of all I love the look of them…it’s just very glamorous, no?

Not exactly on the same line as makeup brushes but I tried the Shiffa Relaxing Hair Oil the other night after realizing my scalp was SUPER DRY and, to no surprise, I woke up with a perfect scalp.  This hair oil uses grape seed oil and jojoba to feed and nourish the scalp mixed with sweet birch bark and clear lemon balm to help relax and calm the mind.  I left this in overnight for an intensive treatment but you can also leave it on for 30 minutes and then wash it out. LOVE this stuff.



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