Makeup inspired by your late 90s High School years


Because this photo looks like the collage I had on my bedroom wall…

A few weeks back I was invited to a dinner with Vincent Longo Cosmetics (at Pistola, a must-try in LA!).  We ate, we mingled, we talked beauty…and then they told us they named their new collection after 90s music and TV characters. I died. My ears immediately perked up and once they said the name of the first eyeshadow (“Don’t Speak”), I yelled out “OMG, I LOVE NO DOUBT!”

And, aside from the makeup actually being awesome, I had to do a post on the collection and share all of the 90s goodness with you guys.  Each shade is named after a 90s TV character or song that will make you go “Oh my god, I love this!”


Don’t Speak: One of the most famous No Doubt videos of all time, this song put the band (and Gwen) on the map.  The dove grey eye shadow, with a demi-matte finish and a sheer touch of color, can be applied dry or wet for long-wearing impact. Vitamin E protects the delicate eyelid skin for comfortable wear.  In fact, all of the eye shadows in the collection have the same ingredients, just with a different color and different shade.


Wannabe: You can’t not get excited when “Wannabe” gets played…probably during karaoke or a 90s music night at a bar.  This golden ivory eye color is fab for every day or layered into a night time look.


Daria: My friend Jane and I LOOOOVED Daria. We would quote it constantly and I can even do a good Quinn (her sister) voice.  This dark brick lip gloss actually feels very Daria-esque to me, if Daria ever wore lip gloss…which she probably did NOT.


Intergalactic: The Beastie Boys are 100% icons and I have the fondest memories of hearing this song being played on Z100 and K-ROCK (New York City stations) during my high school days.  This rich aubergine eye shadow shade is SUPER pretty and works well for a smokey eye.


Felicity: Even though I wasn’t obsessed with Felicity (that was reserved for Gwen Stefani), I DID watch the show with enjoyment until the very end. In fact, I even went to a Farewell Felicity party (seriously, scroll to the bottom for some epic photos) that my friend Kenna hosted, just because I happened to be in LA for the very first time when the show’s series finale aired.  Felicity was soft and fragile when she first arrived at NYU, which is why this soft peach color is just perfect for her.


Angela: Ok, full confession: I didn’t watch “My So Called Life.” I’m not sure why…maybe it came out when I was just a little too young for the teen lust-y drama?  Regardless, Angela is an iconic TV character and this dark berry lip shade is just 90s goth enough, with out being too punk rock.


Ironic: I have two music obsessions. No Doubt and, of course, Alanis Morissette.  “Ironic” for Alanis, much like “Don’t Speak” for No Doubt, put her on the music map and had my little 6th grade heart obsessed and singing along.  This cork brown shade is perfect for every day.


Hypnotize: Being a New Yorker, I’m obviously into Biggie. No-No-Notorrrrious.  “Hypnotize” was one of those songs that would come on and instantly liven the mood at any (probably lame) high school party. LOVE the cornflower blue shade of this shadow.

Photos by Azusa Takano

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