mark m.powerment giveaway!

So one of my favorite brand’s, Avon’s mark, has generously offered to sponsor a pretty awesome giveaway in honor of their m.powerment by mark charity.  Lauren Conrad is their spokesperson and the charity is dedicated to a GREAT cause – helping to stop dating abuse and partner violence.  This is something that I think everyone needs to be super aware of and has been since the whole Rihanna and Chris Brown incident.  The prize?  FIVE winners will win four of Lauren Conrad’s favorites:

  • mark Have a Heart Bracelet
  • mark Glow Baby Glow Lip Glosses in m.powerment Peach and Gold
  • mark It Kit
  • mark a Spray We Go Hook Up Frangrances in Jewel and Rebel Rose


Wanna win one?  Leave a comment below and five winners will be choosen at random.  DEADLINE: March 1st

15 thoughts on “mark m.powerment giveaway!

  1. m.powerment is such a necessary cause, there’s not many out there like it. I would love the opportunity to support this cause and support mark and LC. When I was younger, I knew a couple of girls who could’ve used a cause like this locally. Thank you for getting the message out!!

  2. It’s great when celebrities endorse worthy causes. So nice to see a pretty, young, well known face on something other than the latest diet product.

  3. I just started using the Mark products not even a year ago, and I LOVE them. The m.powerment is such a good cause! I support it all they way!!!

  4. I am a Avon rep and Maks products are the greatest a lot of there products are good there foot works are great i had cracked feet so bad now i use there foot works now i can walk again

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