May favorites

It’s time for May Favorites!  Truthfully, I still have a LOT to learn about making YouTube videos, but I genuinely do enjoy making my monthly favorites videos.  Ha, my manager would be so proud!  It’s not that I’m uncomfortable in front of the camera (quite the opposite, actually), but I have absolutely no eye for editing and/or filming.  So there’s that.  I’d much rather be in my pajamas, hair in pony tail, zit cream on face, writing a blog post.  Truth.  With that said, I digress, and present to you…my favorite things for May!

1. Bath & Body Works Rome Honey Suckle Amore 2-in-1 Superfruit Body Scrub and Wash: I’m a sucker for anything Italy…and clearly, a scrub and body wash in one is kind of awesome.

2. Kiehl’s Skin Tone Correcting and Beautifying BB Cream SPF 50: I’m obsessed with all things Kiehl’s so I was pretty excited that they came out with a BB Cream…with SPF 50, obviously.

3. Man Up by Ross Mathews: You need to read this.  Enough said.

4. Black Box wine: I’m late to the box wine party but guys, this stuff is GOOD.  A perfect summer staple.

5. Blow out by Mika Fowler: I love a good blow out and I’m so excited for the amazing stylist, Mika Fowler, who recently went to the Kim Vo salon.

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