May is national Skin Cancer Awareness Month

So we all know I’m a big advocate of SPF. I’m the friend who brings 14 bottles of sunblock on vacation and yells at you if you even mention the phrase “tanning salon.” This month, thanks to companies like Olay, you can get a FREE skin cancer screening from a top dermatologist near you. It’s super simple. Simply check out Olay’s Web site and find a participating derm. As someone who lost my favorite Aunt to Melanoma (at age 43), this cause has an important spot in my heart. PLEASE get this free screening and check out SkinCancer.org for more information and ways to stay safe in the sun! My personal favorite SPF product of the moment is the Neutrogena Fresh Cooling Body Mist SPF 70. When I was in Vegas, it was so effing hot and I happened to be with my best friend who thinks she “never” has to wear SPF thanks to her Greek/Italian heritage. WRONG. It was so hot that even she decided to use this SPF spray since it has cooling properties…totally a good trick to get those friends and kids to use SPF!

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