Maybelline Great Lash BIG

So I’m always honest when people ask me about mascara and I’m even more honest when I tell them how I feel about the cult-favorite, Maybelline Great Lash- a product that has been around forever, won multiple beauty awards and used by many makeup artists…I think it sucks.  I tried it once back in college and I was left with spidery eyelashes that flaked off after only a few hours.  NO.  However, since I do love Maybelline as a brand, I decided to give their new Great Lash BIG version of the mascara a whirl and I absolutely LOVE it.  This is the stuff mascara should be made of, people.  And, I’m especially glad that Maybelline decided to keep BOTH versions because the original was, and still is, quite popular.  Great Lash BIG left my eyelashes thicker and bolder with no globs or flaking.  Love it.

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