Maybelline New York’s new Pulse Perfection Vibrating Mascara

Maybelline New York‘s first-to-mass vibrating mascara delivers a whopping 7,000 vibrations per minute in 7 synchronized actions so lashes are transformed to perfection. The battery-powered mascara offers a patent pending vibrating elastomer brush, which gently pulsates against lashes. The horizontal micro-motion is designed to mimic pro makeup artist application technique (zig zag), and extend it to its maximum potential, mistake-free and effortlessly.

How it works:

The exclusive formula features thickening agents, emollient waxes, film formers to transform lashes. It is completely buildable so you can apply, one, two or several coats, depending on your desired lash look. Upon contact with lashes, the Pulse Perfection vibrating brush works by uncrossing individual lashes for more perfect separation and definition. Simply push the button, and hold the wand steady as you slowly coat eye lashes, root to tip.

Personally, I LOVE this mascara (and I’m NOT a fan of Great Lash). According to the study, Pulse Perfection lashes are:

  • 13x thicker
  • 75% visibly longer
  • Deep color impact
  • Totally clump-free

Want it?

In an exclusive online preview sale, one day only on May 18th, you can visit www.Maybelline.com/pulse or a participating retailer (Target.com, Walmart.com, CVS.com or Walgreens.com) to be one of the first to grab one of these up! After the online preview sale, Pulse Perfection will be available for $14.95 in July at mass market retailers nationwide!

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