Miu Miu The First Fragrance


Because perfume + a KITTEN equals heaven (and I made my cats pose)…

Before I even start going into this, you need to watch this quick video HERE.  First reaction?  Probably that the music is great, the girl is gorgeous and, of course, the CUTEST black and white kitten (Truman) ever.  Personally, when I first heard about Miu Miu The First Fragrance I was pretty excited…and that’s before I even smelled the perfume.

When Miuccia Prada launched Miu Miu in 1993, I was 10 years old and absolutely LOVED the collection.  In fact, I think it’s fair to say that Miu Miu was one of my first fashion obsessions (right there with Calvin Klein and Betsy Johnson) and still, to this day, is synonymous with 90s fashion.  But back to The First Fragrance…it smells like lily of the valley, which is fabulous, and definitely not too floral-y.  The bottle, which I’m obsessed with, is inspired by the iconic Miu Miu Matelasse bag and I absolutely adore the translucent red topper.  Classic with a modern edge, for sure.


Obviously, I had to pose my OWN cats with the bottle since Truman made me giggle and smile.  Gemma kind of hates having her photo taken but she indulged me for a few minutes here.


Gea is a total camera hog (search #GeaBallerina on Instagram to see) and I love this shot SO MUCH. She looks like she’s staring out into a big room full of cat treats.  Getting this shot in front of my not-so-chic kitchen wasn’t ideal but this girl sits where she wants to sit…



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