Moschino Fresh Couture Eau de Toilette

Moschino fresh couture

Because I just love the irony, and the scent…


It’s funny that I got this new fragrance from Moschino in the mail today, mostly because I literally just cleaned my mirrors (bathroom, living room and even mirrored coffee table!) just yesterday.  Something that I hate doing but always makes me feel so incredibly satisfied once it’s done…kinda like exercise, no?

Moschino Fresh Couture Ea de Toilette, aside from having the best packaging ever, is just incredibly FUN to use, and smell like.  In true Italian fashion, the iconic brand finds the chicest way possible to take the most mundane household cleaner (ahem, Windex), and makes it pure awesome.  The top notes are bergamot, mandarin and ylang ylang which in perfume terms means it’s sweet and a little musky.


Here I am, ironically fake cleaning my mirrors with perfume…

Moschino fresh couture


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