Mother’s Day Gift Guide: The Best Beauty Gifts

mothers day gift guide

Because your mom definitely deserves a Mother’s Day treat…

Beauty products are an easy go-to when it comes to buying gifts, especially when it’s for a woman you know pretty well (ahem, your mommy).  Here are five of my favorites, all mom-approved:

1. An in-house massage: Massages always make a great gift and they’re especially awesome when you don’t even have to leave your house, deal with parking, etc. Zeel is my personal favorite and they’re in plenty of locations like New York City, Long Island/ Hamptons, Miami/Palm Beach, Los Angeles & San Francisco Bay areas.

2. Some fancy soap: I don’t know what it is, but moms LOVE themselves some fancy soap.

3. A lipstick she might not buy herself: I say go for gorgeous packaging (this YSL version is pure glamour) and a classic shade like a deep red or mauve.

4. A milk bath: Cleopatra used to bathe in milk, and she was a Queen…enough said.  This particular version from Shiffa is fab because it ha 100 rose petals in it and fresh goat’s milk.

5. Her favorite perfume: By now you should know what your mom’s favorite perfume is BUT if you don’t ask, her casually and then surprise her with a favorite.


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