My 3 favorite skincare products from Australia


Because I’m all about the skincare down under…

My time in Australia was pretty unreal, amazing and, of course, tons of fun…but I obviously had to also test out some of their skincare products, especially since the Lucas’ Papaw is especially famous. Here are my absolute three favorites:

Lucas’ Papaw Ointment: The most famous Australian beauty product maybe ever?  I was DYING to try this stuff and, admittedly, when I did actually try it, I REALLY needed it.  I accidentally got a terrible sunburn on my chest when I was in Sydney…oh, that Sydney sun.  This stuff prevented ANY PEELING and the red faded significantly faster than previous sunburns I’ve had (not that that’s happened anytime recently!).

Kangaroo Island Maine Beach Organic Ligurian Honey Exfoliating Body Wash: After visiting Kangaroo Island I knew I HAD to try some of their Ligurian honey products.  Apparently Kangaroo Island is home to a super rare bee that makes THE best honey (i.e. the most pure) in the entire world.  The verdict?  Well, I love the Italian Blood Orange fragrance and I can totally see why this honey is such a gem.

Lanocreme Lip Balm: My friend Janna, expat and Beauty Director of Australian Elle told us about a similar product which, sadly, I couldn’t find but I knew it had Lanolin as the main ingredient.  This version also has the magic ingredient and is infused with lemon citrus extract and orange citrus extract to moisten and smooth dry or cracked lips.  Good stuff, I promise.


This stuff? Seriously amazing.

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