My 40th Birthday Party: All the Details

Because I wanted to celebrate the first 40 years of my life with a big bang…

Ok, you probably read my blog post on all my anxiety about turning 40 a few days ago and now you’re like “wow Jamie, I can’t believe you threw yourself an elaborate AF party even though you really, really, REALLY didn’t want to turn 40.”

Well, I’m here to tell you that the party 100% helped me get OVER IT.  Truly, once I saw my vision come to life, along with 30 of my closest friends, I realized how absolutely silly I was being.

My dad always said told me that age is just a number, and I would laugh.  I would laugh because it was easy to laugh when I was 27, and now I’m realizing that he right and that I REALLY DON’T have to let society, or anyone else, dictate how I feel about myself or my age.

Cheers to the second half, friends.  xo

My 40th Birthday Party: All the Details

My outfit and glam details…

{ The venue }

When it came to the space, I knew I wanted something chic and preferably outdoors and, of course, a place that really represented my life in Los Angeles.  I reached out to the new-ish restaurant MelrosePlace to see if their rooftop would be available, and when it was I was THRILLED.  If you haven’t been, their rooftop is a must; it’s so pretty and has some amazing views of the Hollywood Hills. So LA.

They gave me a sectioned off area (shown above), where I would have space for my guests to mingle, sit, order, drinks and, of course, enjoy the views.

{ The food & drinks }

I had to do a few signature cocktails, natch.  I bought this template from Etsy, bought these acrylic stands on Amazon, and had the signs printed at Fedex/Kinkos.

Tater tots topped with caviar (passed)

Spicy tuna crispy rice (passed)

Now let’s talk the real star of the show…my birthday cake from Betchin Cakes.  Was it pricey? Yes.  Was it worth every penny? Absolutely yes.  I worked with Betchin Cakes’ founder Brittni to customize my cake and make it as crazy and fun as possible.  She found my Barbie dooop (a perfect match IMO), and I sent her links to the little Gemma and Gea cats (how good are they?!).  I also requested wine, french fries and, of course, beauty and skincare.  She nailed it, to say the least.  Some of my friends legit screamed with excitement when they brought out the cake, sparklers flying.

{ The details }

I mean, if you’re gonna throw yourself a 40th birthday party, you definitely need custom drink toppers…and I will fight you on this.  These shipped super fast, by the way – always a bonus.

Perhaps the most popular at the party (aside from my cake), my custom matchbox favors were SUCH a hit.  I actually found the designer, Lydia Berry, via TikTok; she had created these for her 25th birthday and I loved them so much that I found her email and asked if she would edit the date and info for my 40th.  She did a great job, and also sent me the info for the vendor on Etsy who actually made her matchbooks.  There’s a lot of matchbook vendors on Etsy but I would absolutely work with this one again; she was super responsive and helpful!

My biggest DIY from the party?  These flower vase letters were actually gold originally – super cute (and affordable!), just not on with my metallic silver theme.  I spray painted them with this base coat and then this silver metallic spray paint on top.  Flowers are from Trader Joe’s, arranged by moi.

Last minute I decided that I wanted to do a photo guest book, and I’m so glad that I did!  I had every guest take a photo, tape it in, and then write me a note inside the book.



7 thoughts on “My 40th Birthday Party: All the Details

  1. Aww it was so sweet to read about your birthday I am so happy for you and I had no idea we share the same birth month but my birthday is on the 30th of March and happy belated you looked amazing

  2. I love how you incorporated elements that reflected your personality and interests, such as the custom cocktails and the delicious food. It’s wonderful to see that you prioritized creating an immersive experience for your guests.

  3. Wow, Jamie, I can’t help but admire your honesty and vulnerability in sharing your thoughts and anxieties about turning 40. It takes courage to confront these feelings head-on, and I’m glad to hear that your birthday party turned out to be such a transformative experience for you, Your dad’s wisdom about age being just a number rings so true. Society often puts unnecessary pressure on us to feel a certain way about reaching certain milestones, Wow, what a brilliant and creative idea for a guest book! The photo guest book sounds like the perfect way to capture special moments and heartfelt messages from your guests, And using the Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Camera is such a fun way to instantly capture memories, Cheers to many cherished memories to come!

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