My latest piece for Shape.com: Healthy One-Pot Meals


Many of you might know that I recently started freelancing for Shape.com and it’s quickly becoming a big obsession for me, e.g. researching and learning about healthy recipes.  Yes, I said it.  The girl who literally never cooked anything aside from pasta (until maybe four years ago) is now writing articles about COOKING.  It’s a big accomplishment for me, both as a writer AND as a 30-year-old who used to literally live on NYC Chinese takeout and salads from Chipotle.  Ok, so I still probably get salads from Chipotle at least twice a week (they are GOOD, guys), but at least now I can feasibly make simple and healthy things for myself.  Case and point, THESE recipes for healthy one-pot meals.  Tell me, what are your easy go-to meals?


5 thoughts on “My latest piece for Shape.com: Healthy One-Pot Meals

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