My New Cats Make Their Blog Debut!

If you’re avid reader of my blog, you probably remember my super sad (yes, I cried while writing it) post about my late cat,Angel.  I rescued Angel from a shelter (ok, my Dad rescued her, technically) when I was 12 years old and brought her out to LA from New York when I moved out in 2009.  Sadly, Angel passed away in December 2011, at almost 17 years old, of liver cancer…and hence, I was devastated.  It’s funny how many people told me I should get  a new cat, as a replacement, when I really wanted to say back to them “if your sister died, would you tell your parents to adopt a new daughter?”  I know it sounds extreme, but the bond that I had with Angel was something very real and very deep.  I grew up with her.  Angel cuddled with me the first time that a boy dumped me, she sat on my lap and purred when I was grounded in my room and bored to death, she kept me company when I moved to a strange city where I knew a total of two people.  “Replacing” Angel was never an option for me; however, as my friend Ashley told me, I have a lot of love to give and any cat would be lucky to live with me.  It’s not “replacing” Angel, it’s simply moving on and helping another animal that needs a home.  After about one year, I was ready.

Enter Gemma Angel and Gea.  I only intended to get ONE cat (Gemma Angel) but, of course, the foster family saw that I have “SUCKER” clearly written all over my face when it comes to anything that meows.  Gea (the smaller kitten) is Gemma’s daughter and they were rescued from a kill shelter in Carson, California.  Ironically enough, they were being fostered at a mansion in the Hollywood Hills, right next to Chris Brown’s house, but they seem to have adjusted to the downgrade that IS my “executive studio” apartment.  I love my little girls and even though I know that Angel would LOATHE both of them, I know, deep down, that she’s secretly happy for me…and probably chowing down on some salmon, next to a warm fire place.

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