My Week with the Acura ILX

Truth be told, I know absolutely nothing about cars.  What I do know is that, when it comes to cars (and most things in life), I always go with my gut instinct…and my gut instinct is telling me this is a GOOD CAR.  When Acura approached me to test drive the new Acura ILX for the week, I realized it made perfect sense; the new ILX is the go-to upgrade car for any girl going through the quarter life crisis.  You drove that powder blue compact car (circa 1990) high school into college and NOW, you are FINALLY ready to treat yo self to a car from this decade.

I’ve only been driving the ILX for one day BUT here are my current favorite features:

  • the backup camera (though I’m sure that’s not its technical name)- My current car doesn’t have one of these and now I feel like I totally missed the boat.  It’s so nice, and still a little weird, to not look behind as I back up.  It’s the wave of the FUTURE, people.
  • the fact that it’s a hybrid- I’ve never driven a hybrid car before.  Sorry for partying.  I was a little confused at the “auto stop” notice that kept coming up every time I put my foot completely on the brake but once I got used to it, I realized that it’s probably saving a TON of gas by shutting off, which is AWESOME.
  • the seat warmers- When I picked out my current car, these babies were a non-negotiable.  Even though I live in Southern California, you’d be surprised at the many uses you can get out of a good seat warmer…for example, does your back hurt?  Do you have cramps but have to drive?  SEAT WARMERS will help.

Stay tuned for an ILX update early next week and, get excited:
Tell me what YOU would do if Acura gave you an ILX for a week!  They’re monitoring comments on my blog and Twitter and will pick their favorite responses to win $50 or $100 gift cards!

                                                         Backup cameras are AWESOME.

FTC Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Acura but all opinions are my own (as per usual).

3 thoughts on “My Week with the Acura ILX

  1. If Acura gave me one of these babies to drive for a week, I’d probably spend the whole time figuring out how to keep it – been wanting a hybrid forever!

  2. If I was given an Acura ILX for a week, I’d get to actually use the driver’s side door instead of crawling across the passenger seat after the driver’s side door handle came off my car completely. It’s the little things in life. 🙂

  3. If I had an Acura ILX for a week I’d take it for a cruise up north to SF to see if it can crush my VW’s record-breaking gas millage for the trip…and then I’d drive it up and down all those fantastic hills to give the auto-stop a run for its money 😉

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