natural beauty products I actually use and like


Because I’m always super skeptical of all-natural products and wonder “is this really going to work?”…

I think you can call me a skeptic in general, but when it comes to natural beauty products that tout claims like “you don’t need any chemicals! We can take away your crow’s feet with just coconut oil!” and “we’re the only skincare you need!” I’m always like “meh, probably not.”  It’s not that I WANT to use chemicals on my skin but, truth be told, you DO need some amount of chemicals if you want to decent anti-aging results from your skincare. Bottom line.  That doesn’t mean you can’t go natural with other products like toners, after-shaves, etc. and that’s exactly why I’ve been using (and loving) these three all-natural products…


Guise Etiquette Aftershave: Colloidal Silver & Neroli: Obviously after-shave is usually for guys but I’ve been lightly patting this on my legs, post-shave, and I LOOOOVE how soft it makes my skin feel.  This antioxidant-rich and plant-based tonic is made to fight razor bumps using all natural ingredients like colloidal silver and neroli, which are great for damaged skin and inflammation.


100% Pure Red Wine Resveratrol Scrub + Mask: You probably recognize this as one of the prizes in my October giveaway (!) because, yes, it really is that amazing.  This mask and scrub has jojoba beads that gently buff away dead skin cells, stimulating skin regeneration, for a brighter, more vibrant complexion. Antioxidants and vitamins combine to protect the skin as they nourish and soften.  And don’t forget to enter my monthly giveway to win one of these– you have until Wednesday night!


Nudu Natural Beauty Reviving Toner: Nudu is a brand I was just recently introduced to (by an Honestly Jamie reader!) and I’ve been LOOOVING this toner.  Made from Manuka honey, coconut oil, and other New Zealand beauty secrets, this toner matches the natural pH of your skin to help balance, calm and cool your face.

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