New fall lingerie from Frederick’s of Hollywood

So in the last year or so I’ve been really into fun bras.  Up until that point, I wore the very basic plain black, tan or sometimes hot pink bra that, let’s face it, isn’t very exciting.  They’re not terrible but there’s something secretly sexy about wearing a crazy bra underneath your regular clothing at work, no?  Well when I was invited to the Frederick’s of Hollywood fall press preview, I got super excited to check out their latest line.

We sipped champagne as I was taken around the store and, gotta tell you, it was my first time actually inside a Frederick’s of Hollywood.  I was really into all the leopard print and made a note that I must choose the most fun bras for my fall bra wardrobe.  No more boring bras for me!

After chatting with Jene’ Luciani, author of The Bra Book, it was time to try on some fun bras.  Every bra I tried on fit like a glove, which is fabulous.  I love when you can just know your size in a store so you don’t have to try on 30 of the same thing.  I’m now fully stocked for fall so if you see me, just know that I might be wearing a sparkly purple bra under my black dress.  😉

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