New Year’s Eve Fashion on PennyChic.com!

Truth be told, I’ve always sort of hated New Year’s Eve.  It will just NEVER be as good as you want it to be and I feel like you spend a ton of money getting dressed up, going to some ridiculous dinner and then you pay $200 to get into a bar that doesn’t even normally have a cover charge. Really?  Last year I stayed home and drank a bottle of Veuve Clicquot but hey, when my friend Shauna from PennyChic.com asked me to be a guest blogger for her with a New Year’s Eve theme, I was actually pretty excited.  Shauna is a master at finding good quality fashion at super low prices, guys.  One of my complaints above about New Year’s Eve is that you spend a fortune dressing up…but not the way Shauna styled me.  The outfit total? $57.97, including the dress, shoes and ring.  I mean. If you’re not already a reader, make sure you check out her blog anytime you need a little budget fashion inspiration.

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