New Year’s Eve Premiere with Dove

I went to the premiere of New Year’s Eve on Monday with my friend Devon (hanks to Dove)!  I’m always a little skeptical about movies that have like 45 celebrities because it usually because it usually becomes a “hey, what celeb is next!?” which always trumps the actual story line.  Regardless, there is a slew of amazing actors and actresses in the cast, including Ms. Lea Michele, who looked absolutely stunning.  I got the “how to” from her stylist Mark Townsend:

“It was all about modern glamour for Lea’s look at the premiere. Her Valentino dress reminded me of Old Hollywood, so we wanted to play off that with a young, modern version. I started by adding a large dollop of Dove Body & Lift Mousse to her damp hair and blow dried with a large round brush, giving Lea a deep side part. Next, I took 3-inch sections of hair and sprayed Dove Flexible Hold Hairspray on each section, and then wrapped the hair around a 2 inch curling iron, leaving the ends just a little straighter. For loads of shine and beautiful texture, I took a quarter size amount of Dove Nourishing Oil Care Nourishing Smooth-In Cream in my hands, rubbed them together and then raked my fingers through her hair for piecey-ness. I kept her fringe off her face by spraying Dove Extra Hold Hairspray on a small flat brush and brushing back and to the side.”

The after party was also a good time.  We sat at a table with “Dr. Sweets” from Bones, who I adore, and then took a bunch of faux New Year’s Eve photos in the custom photobooth.

Devon, me, Chelsea, Katie

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