Nic’s VODBOX (and the best faux fur leopard coats ever)

So this past Friday night was definitely an LA adventure.  Sydne, Dahvi and I met up with some friends at a spot that I’ve been absolutely dying to check out- Nic’s Martini Bar in Beverly Hills.  Sure, I like a good martini as much as the next girl…but the real reason I’ve had Nic’s on my “list” is because they have a famous “VODBOX.” Now you might be thinking “what the eff is a VODBOX,” right?  Well, if you like vodka (as I do) then you really need to get to LA and check this out.  It’s basically a walk-in freezer full of vodkas from around the world and take three shots for $30.  The BEST part is that you get to wear a faux fur leopard coat (a la “Real Housewives of NJ”) since the freezer is 28 degrees.  Hell, I would’ve worn the coat even if it was 78 degrees in there.  Sydne and I were especially elated when we realized that the leopard coat goes perfectly with her Fashion Staple Series this month- where she features animal print.

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