Now Smell This

So I’ve been at work since 6:30am and I’m going a little stir-crazy since it’s now only 8:18am! I find myself looking at my
favorite perfumes and trying to decide what my next scent will be (out of my faves) Here’s the rundown:
Past: Narciso Rodriguez For Her– I bought this scent about 2 years ago soley because I love Narciso’s fashion but I ended up looooving the scent as well. I’ve never gotten so many compliments.

Present: Chanel Coco Mademoiselle– A classic. Everyone thinks they “know that smell” and they love it.

Future: Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker– I got a mini bottle from a work event and I have to admit, as cheesy as all the celebrity perfumes are, this one really is good. And it’s up for FIFI award (the Oscars of the beauty industry)

4 thoughts on “Now Smell This

  1. Why the hell were you at work at 6:30 in the morning?

    Also, they are playing Gwen Stefani in the cafe I am in right now.

    Also, I’m in Prague and I’m kind of miserable/homesick, but I’m sure it’ll pass.

    I will send you a longer email thingy when I have the chance.

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