Obsessed: Stila’s The Makeup Player

So pretty much everything I write about on this blog is a product that I’m obsessed with; however, every once in awhile there’s something super cool that I guess you could say I’m super(?) obsessed with?  The latest is Stila’s The Makeup Player.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m soooo not a morning person and a few weeks ago I had the brilliant idea that maybe some music in the morning might help me wake up a bit while I’m getting ready.  Alas, my iTunes is pretty flaky and sometimes decides that it’s not going to work, which then adds to my already bad morning mood.  Great.  With the invention of The Makeup Player, I actually don’t even have to involve iTunes (so take that) and all I need is my iPhone (or iPod), I plug it into The Makeup Player and boom, music.  It’s also right THERE where I need it since it’s actually a makeup case and my makeup is in my “getting ready” area.

Here’s the kicker- it’s actually a STEAL of a price.  I had no idea how much it retailed for when I got this little dream (FTC: I received this product from Stila’s Pro Makeup Artist, Sarah Lucero) but after checking it out on Stila’s site, I saw that it’s actually a “free” gift with purchase!  There are a few options as far as what products you get, but in my opinion, the $70 “create your own kit” is the best choice.  You just need to purchase $70 worth of Stila’s products and then enter the code MUPLAYER at check out.  Boom, you get a free makeup case/music player.  Plus, how easy is it to spend $70 on Stila’s amazing products?  I’m also currently obsessing over their “Kitten” eyeshadow and “Bronze Babe” bronzing cream.  Stay tuned for more reviews.

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