On-the-go beauty

on-the-go beauty

Because I don’t think I ever go more than two hours with out primping myself…


I always joke about the fact that I carry around a pretty big bag, and always have.  Side note, I get more compliments on this JustFab bag then I ever do when I carry around a designer bag, just saying.  But when it comes to the beauty products that I tote around Los Angeles, I’m picky…to no one’s surprise, I’m sure.


SPF: I’ve blogged about how much I love ColoreScience Sunforgettable before and, truth be told, it never leaves my purse.  What I think is really the best thing about this is the fact that you can keep it in your car and the SPF won’t break down in the heat (like most sunscreen does) because it’s a mineral formula..  It’s also free of dyes, chemicals , colorants and odors, making it perfect for literally anyone.  If you live in LA, you’ve probably seen me putting this on my arms while at a stop light 😉


LIP BALM WITH SPF: L’Occitane Peony Lip Balm is a new favorite.  Peony, in case you didn’t know is an enchanting scent, and I never use the word enchanting but that’s literally what came into my head when I tried this for the first time.  You just never know when your lips are going to feel chapped so I love carrying around a version that also has SPF because, you know, you can never really use enough.


ANTI-HUMIDITY SPRAY: Oribe Impermeable Anti-Humidity Spray is the holy grail for fighting frizz.  Sure, LA weather isn’t exactly humid, but my hair is still usually a big pain in the ass and decides to find a way to be frizzy.  It’s also formulated with both UV protection and volumizing Pro-Vitamin B5 to help you combat frizz and flatness. 


CONCEALER: This one doesn’t need much explanation but I like Flower Beauty Daily Brightening Under-eye Cover Creme, in particular, because it uses a roller ball application which feels nice AND helps to de-puff your eyes.  It sets quickly and the formula has light-reflective mineral particles that add just the right amount of sparkle to freshen and brighten.


LIP GLOSS: You know that Jenna Hipp Pout Polish is one of my all-time lip gloss favorites by now and, surprise, they come in a set of four!  They’re super moisturizing and give an awesome tint of color, but not overwhelmingly so.


WINE WIPES: Another long-time favorite because I have this weird thing where I can have literally one and half glasses of red wine and my teeth are instantly purple.  Does this happen to anyone else?!  I suggest buying the individual packets (as opposed to the compact) because they last longer and don’t dry out as quickly.


A CURE-FOR-ANYTHING CREAM: Aquaphor has gotten a LOT of show time on my blog over the years, mostly because it’s my go-to cure for the most random skin conditions like cracks, dry nail beds, minor cuts and burns and even chapped lips (when you lose your lip balm).


photos by Azusa Takano

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