One Lonely Saturday Night At Duane Reade…

So a few Saturdays ago I ended up not doing anything. Sometimes this is by choice and sometimes it’s because my friends all have boyfriends and they get into “couple mode.” It’s then that I start feeling sorry for myself and the 1/4 life crisis kicks in. It was a really nice night and when I mope I usually tend to just stay in my apartment on the Upper East side but tonight, however, I decided I was going to at least walk around for a little. As I walked toward 3rd avenue, I saw only COUPLES. Couples everywhere. It was horrific and definitely didn’t help my mood at all. I made a bee-line into the 24 hour Duane Reade and immediately ran into the makeup section. I had been meaning to try Cover Girl’s new Lash Exact mascara (after Jean Godfrey-June raved about it in Lucky). So I bought the mascara, a 6-pack of Poland Spring and some cat food…truly making me pathetic.

note: the mascara DID cheer me up when I got home…it really is fantastic and the tube is very luxurious looking.

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