oooooooh 90210

So I need to discuss. OK, I was literally cursing at the TV when this was all going down. I wasn’t paying attention while the 90210 2.0 girls were devising their “brilliant” plan for Naomi to take the coke…next thing I know she’s VERY obviously going into the bathroom and staring at the cop. HELLO, just WALK AWAY. IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION FROM THE DOG. Are you retarded? Why would you go into the bathroom?! JUST LEAVE. Then, you go into the stall and forget to LOCK the door behind you, clearly giving them a visual of you flushing drugs down the toilet. OK. So the drugs did go down. They saw you though. You’re what? 17? You might get halled away to prove a point, but you ain’t goin to jail. COME ON. A slap on the wrist…maybe some drug classes…done. AND if her Dad is such a great lawyer, why didn’t he just argue that they have no proof she was even flushing drugs?! OJ’s lawyer would’ve had her back.
P.S.- I hope one day I get “arrested” wearing something just as ridiculous.

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