Paul & Joe Cheek Color + Compacts

paul and joe Cheek Color + Compacts

Because sometimes a cute compact can really make your day…

A few weeks back I was having the most obnoxious day. Everyone, including myself, was annoying me and I was determined to do nothing but sit on my couch in silence and watch re-runs of You’re The Worst until the Fed-ex guy rang my doorbell and delivered this little gem…the Paul & Joe Cheek Color + Compacts that just so happens to have a limited edition pale pink case featuring the only thing that could put a smile on my grumpy face, cute black and white kitties.  Speaking of kitty compacts, THIS ONE is also amazing.

The cheek color is actually really gorgeous, and apparently inspired by classic French treats, like black coffee, strawberry ice cream and Calvados-spiked espresso.  Um, yes, because these two-toned Cheek Colors add subtly chic color to my usually already-colorful cheeks.  What I didn’t realize is that you can actually customize the shade a bit by blending the two hues, which also help contour and highlight the face.


Gemma’s legs = THE CUTEST.  Smile is back on.

Ceramic cat bowl | Catbird Lovecat ring | Charming Charlie cat ring (c/o) | Forever21 jaguar blouse (old)


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