Pevonia Spa Clinic Redness Relief

Pevonia Spa Clinic Redness Relief

I’m into it.  I’ve been “battling” Rosacea for the past few years; and I say “battling” because, honestly, I don’t have a very severe case of it.  Usually a little light foundation or tinted moisturizer covers up my rosy cheeks but every once in awhile, things get a little…rough, let’s call it.  As an FYI, Rosacea is a skin condition that primarily affects Caucasians of North Western European descent and is often referred to as “the Irish flush” or “the curse of the Celts'” since it’s so common in people from England, Ireland, etc.  Hi, welcome to MY LIFE.  Sunblock?  Check.  But how do I prevent my own natural redness?  Yeah…it’s been an experiment, since there’s no “cure” for Rosacea.

I recently tried out the Pevonia Spa Clinic Redness Relief system and I’m LOVING it.  The products are packed with soothing ingredients like green tea, a known “calm the eff down” botanical that is common in skincare products, and of course, the key to any skincare regimen: consistency.  The four steps (cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer) are easy to follow and my skin always feels cool and moisturized after I use these.  Here’s what they are/do:

1. Cleanser: calms, cools skin and combats bacteria

2. Toner: reduces redness and soothes skin

3. Serum: relieves redness, sensitivity and blotchiness

4. Moisturizer: hydrates and protects skin from UV rays and irritants

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