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So Heidi Montag revealed her “new body” (and face) a few months back and now that The Hills final season is about to premiere, she’s pretty much everywhere.  I just feel sadness for Heidi.  I’m not even going to get into how she was a beautiful girl to begin with, that aside, the amount of plastic surgery she recently had is just plain irresponsible and dangerous…not to mention, completely unecessary.

Living in Hollywood, I can atest that there’s definitely an underlying pressure to look perfect but I think for now, I’ll stick to other options…like these awesome beauty products that help deliver the same effect that surgery would provide:

Rodial Tummy Tuck – This stuff is the real deal.  I, naturally, was skeptical at first because I mean come on…a cream that will make my stomach flatter?  But after using it for a few weeks, I absolutely see a difference.  It doesn’t come cheap at $130 a bottle but if you want results from a cream, Rodial Tummy Tuck is the way to go.  BTW- they also make a cream called Boob Job and Bum Lift for those other areas you might need some help with.

Purple Lab NYC Cheek Implants – A gorgeous silken cream blush that glides across your skin like ice.  Cheek Implants is made with collagen, hyaluronic acid, nylon, etc. to really plump up your cheeks and provide a sharper jaw line.

LiftFusion Face Lift – A topical alternative to doctor-administered anti-wrinkle injections.  This product is both a powerful wrinkle relaxant and a collagen-booster in one safe, needle-free formula.  Also, it works within TEN minutes.  Crazyyyy.

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