Please Don’t Mug Me

So I was reading Gawker.com and they had a link to a blog entry called Yeah, It Must Be Hard to Meet People When You’re Breathing Their Sweat, written by a guy from Florida…he makes some good points:

  • Hard to meet people? No, in South Dakota it’s hard to meet people. In New York, you essentially live in a chicken coop for humans. How the f*** are you NOT meeting people? There are so many goddamn people in that city you commute in layers, for chirssake.
  • You’ve got a bridge and a tunnel. Even an act as simple as going to your place of employment finds you physically pressed up against dozens and dozens of other people. I’m not saying they are all people you’d want to meet, necessarily, but they are human.
  • But New York? When you literally have someone living under you, on both sides of you, and on top of you, you’d be hard pressed to avoid meeting them.
  • I thought the Big Apple was a center of great personalities, artists, thinkers, and intellectuals. Have you become so bitter that you are convinced all of them suck?
  • But what about all those great cultural events that New Yorkers love to tell you your city doesn’t have? Can’t you meet people there? Or the “museums” or the “art houses” or the “quaint little coffee shops?” All these things, apparently, only exist in New York, and yet you all still can’t meet people? Perhaps the problem is not New York. Perhaps the problem is you.
  • Perhaps you New Yorkers could try this crazy thing called “eye contact’ and try “meeting’ each other in person once in a while.

Well, Mr. Florida, you have raised my awareness that, yes, maybe I should start doing those “cultured” things that “only” New York has…and yes, maybe a little eye contact would do a girl good (unless it’s with a bum or someone who is obviously going to mug you.) HOWEVER, I have one question for you:

Would YOU want to date the naked cowboy???

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