POND’s + Jonathan Adler

jonathan adler x pond's

I pay attention to most beauty-meets-designer collabs, but I get especially excited when Jonathan Adler is involved…

When I got news of the POND’S + Jonathan Adler collaboration I knew it was going to a big WINNER for several reasons…but mostly because one, POND’S Cleansing Towelettes are awesome and two, because the case was definitely going to be a keeper being designed by Jonathan Adler…I already keep most of my Diptyque empties so might as well as towelette cases to the list.

Available in green and light blue (I love the green, obviously), each case comes with a pack of Original Fresh Wet Cleansing Towelettes but can be refilled with any of the three other varieties (Evening Soothe, Luminous Clean or Exfoliating Renewal).  And if you end up with extra cases, you can also use them to store little bathroom odds-and-ends like hair ties, makeup, etc.


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