Quarter Life Crisis Hero: Emmy Rossum

I recently became obsessed with the Showtime TV show Shameless.  Yeah, I know, like I need yet another TV show to be obsessed with, right? Well I watched Emmy Rossum when she was a guest on Chelsea Lately and the show sounded um…a-mazing so I had to check it out.  I’m only on season 1 right now but guys, if you haven’t watched this show yet, you NEED to.  It’s so entertaining and grossly funny.  Like, in that you have to watch a car crash kinda way.  Get me?

I was excited to see that Emmy is on the cover of SELF magazine this month cause honestly, she is awesome and so is her Shameless character, Fiona.  My favorite quote was from this Shape.com interview from awhile back where Shape asks her how she gets ready for her naked scenes; she says:

I‘m lucky that my character isn’t a Serena Van der Woodsen (of Gossip Girl).  I don’t have to look like an Upper East Side girl; I can look like a real girl.  [My character] Fiona is not a member of Equinox so I don’t have to worry about looking perfect all the time.

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