Reader Question: The Best Makeup for Redheads

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Hi Jamie!

I love love LOVE your blog! I wanted to know if you had any insight on what makeup is best for redheads? Also, I find that a lot of colors tend to look orange on me. I know you are a blonde, but thought maybe you could help a ginger out! 🙂



Reader Question: The Best Makeup for Redheads

Hi A!

So, I LOVE this question just as much as I love gingers 🙂  Fun fact about me: I found out I’m actually a carrier of the redhead gene, a.k.a. 1% of the population.  Anyway, as you can see, I’m clearly fascinated by all things ginger, so I’m happy to get the chance to give you some of my best makeup tips for those with red locks.

To start, always wear SPF

This goes with out saying for everyone but, alas, redheads tend to have super fair skin (like myself) and it’s important to protect it since we’re prone to burning and melanoma.



Mineral makeup is always great since, traditionally, redheads also tend to have sensitive skin.

I’m also currently digging Fenty Beauty since they have 40 shades, and even one that works for albino women…which is amazing.



As a fair-skinned lady myself, I know redheads can often be intimidated by blush.  The thing is, you can totally wear it…it just has to be the RIGHT shade.  MAC’s Gingerly is the absolutely best and, of course, appropriately named, haha.  The color has pink in it, BUT its base color is basically bronzer so you won’t look like a clown.



Redheads also usually think that a red lip is off limits BUT if the shade has blue undertones, you are totally good to go.  You can do really any cool-toned lip colors, just stay away from anything with an orange tone so you don’t look crazy.  A budget favorite: L’Oreal Paris makes a few shades created for Julianne Moore who, obviously, has red hair.  Her red is fab and so is her nude!


I hope this helps!



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