Reader Question: How can I prevent eyeliner from smudging?


Hey Jamie,

Is there any way to stop my eyeliner from smudging all down my face? It’s the worst! If you know of any eyeliners that don’t smear, that would be amazing.



Hi L,

Uggh, I’m with you.  I hate catching a glimpse of myself in a bathroom mirror and seeing the black smudged all underneath my eyes- super sexy.  A few tricks I’ve picked up along the way.

1-) Since eyeliner runs because it’s interacting with the oil on your skin, I’ve found that a gel eyeliner (more stable) stays put best. A waterproof liner also works well!

2-) before you apply your eyeliner, use a small makeup brush to apply pressed powder to the area you are going to line. The powder works as a primer to keep the area oil-free and, hence, no smudging.

A few favorites:


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