Reader Question: Do my eyebrows need to match my hair color?

kim kardashian platinum blonde hair

Hey Jamie,

I recently dyed my hair blonde and my eyebrows are pretty dark, especially by comparison. Should I have them lightened so they match my hair color?

Any advice would be awesome,


Hi D!

Funny because I actually just wrote a hair story for TODAY.com and that was one of the questions, haha.  My answer, especially as someone with blonde hair and dark brown eyebrows (see HERE), is definitely NO- they don’t have to match!

Celebrity stylist Kim Vo also agrees (from my TODAY piece):  “The trend right now is to have darker eyebrows than your actual hair color,” celebrity colorist Kim Vo told TODAY.com. “But they shouldn’t be more than two levels darker than (your current color).”

I completely agree with Kim (and, of course Kim Kardashian West also appears to agree) so don’t worry about it- it’s one less thing to do 🙂



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