Reader Question: Do Pore strips really work?


Hi Jamie,

I’ve been wanting to try those old school Biore pore strips but do they really work?  Do pore strips even work, in general?



Hi I,

Personally, I LOVE a good Biore Pore Strip on my nose…but does that mean it actually works?  Well, sort of.  For me, specifically, I would say that it definitely gets a few blackheads but not all of them…I mostly just enjoy the process of wearing the pore strips- they’re totally addicting.

For a second option: Boscia Pure Purifying Black Strips, though more expensive, also work really well.  They instantly apply charcoal powder, an ingredient that draws out impurities and detoxifies the skin, along with Silica (a natural mineral) that controls excess oil.  Witch hazel extract, a natural astringent, tightens pores.

Oh, and once you DO get addicted (it will happen), make sure you don’t use them more than 2-3 times a week cause it can start to irritate skin after awhile.

Let me know what you think once you try one of these!



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