Reader Question: My Favorite Exfoliator Was Discontinued!

woman applying Favorite Exfoliator on her face

Hi Jamie,

I’ve been using the same Chanel exfoliator for years and they just discontinued it! I realize now that I probably could use a whole new regimen now that I’m in my 30s. Can you help? I have what you would probably consider “normal” skin. I also really love a calming scent for anything I use at night!


Reader Question: My Favorite Exfoliator Was Discontinued!

Hi Nicole!

That sucks that your favorite exfoliator was discontinued but, don’t worry, there are tons of other great products out there. I can definitely help! Here’s what anyone in their 30s should be using (all for normal skin type).



Moisturizer with SPF


Cleanser (you can use the same one you use in the morning)

Toner (I prefer micellar water)



Night Cream

Eye cream


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