Reader Question: How can I prevent razor burn?


Hi Jamie,

I know summer’s basically over but I’ve been getting the WORST razor burn for the past few months and I was wondering if you had any tricks?

Thanks in advance,


Hi J!

The absolute WORST, right?  I used to get really bad bikini line razor burn before I started doing laser hair removal. I don’t know where you’re specifically having issues, BUT there are definitely general tips that can prevent the burn from happening (and I still do these on my legs!).

Make sure you clean your razor: Pretty self explanatory but you’d be surpassed how often I forget to clean mine!  Buildup of hair and product in the blades of your razor forces you to push down with more pressure on subsequent swipes, making it more likely that you’ll irritate or cut the skin.

Use a gel-formula shaving product: You want to use a shaving cream or gel with LOADS of moisture in it, and just as a rule of thumb, the foaming versions are usually pretty drying so try to avoid those. And definitely don’t use bar soap (yuck).

Always shave in the direction of hair growth: This sounds so dumb but it’s really the quickest way to cause irritation if you don’t pay attention to the way your hair is growing.

Finish off with a little aloe vera: I like to dab just a little aloe vera on my skin (in the areas I know might be a little sensitive) right after I shave.


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