Reader Question: How do I beat having hard water? (e.g. my hair isn’t happy)

Reader Question: How do I beat having hard water? (e.g. my hair isn't happy)

Hey Jamie,

I have a beauty question for you. Is there a type of shampoo or conditioner that counteracts hard California water? I miss the New York water so bad; when I’m there my hair is so silky and here in San Diego it’s like straw.



Hi M,

I’ve got two easy things you can do.  Basically your hair isn’t as soft as it was in New York because California doesn’t filter the water as well as New York does and there are more minerals and chlorine in the water out here.  I’ve been through it as well though I think my hair actually adapted to LA water at this point and when I DO go back to New York I get a TON of fly aways!

Get a new shower filter.

Um, this one on Amazon is under $30 and looks AMAZING. I’m definitely ordering one for myself.  Aside from having a new rain water shower head with 6 settings (super luxe), it filters out 99% of chlorine and other minerals, which are the culprits for drying out your hair.

Use a clarifying shampoo once a week.

It’s a good habit (even WITH the new shower filter) to use a clarifying shampoo once a week.  Basically these shampoos will get out all the styling products and other junk that’s been building up in your hair so that it looks the shiniest and healthiest that it can be.  By the way, you really don’t want to use this more than once a week, especially if you color your hair, because it WILL strip the color.

A few of my favorites:

Let me know how it works out!


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