Reader Question: How do I choose the right bronzer?

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Hi Jamie,

I’m pretty fair-skinned and I always end up buying bronzer that I think will work for me (the whole point being it makes you darker) but it ends up being TOO dark, and I look crazy. How do you choose the right shade?!  Help.



Hi C!

I, as a fellow pale girl, feel your pain. I look back at certain photos from right after college (when I started trying out bronzer) and I gasp at how ORANGE I look. Like crazy Jersey Shore status…it’s not great.  But here’s some rules to follow when it comes to choosing bronzer.

Find a bronzer that’s only 2-3 shades darker than your natural skin tone: If you go any darker than 2-3 shades (even 3 is a lot for fair skin), you will INSANE. Trust me.

Fair skin: look for peachy/bronze hues – you want warmth.

Medium/olive skin: look for golden brown shades of bronze.

Dark skin: you can go for a rich bronze with orange undertones (because it won’t show up orange on your skin, like it will for us pale people)

Apply lightly at first: You can always build it up!  What I usually do is I”ll apply a little just where the sun would hit your face (the bridge of your nose, cheek bones, hairline) and then I walk away and look at myself in another mirror with different lighting.  If all looks good, I apply just a little bit more and test it again.  Good Lighting is KEY for seeing exactly how you are going to look outside your house.


Good luck! xo


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