Reader Question: how do I get a fab DÉCOLLETÉ?


Hey Jamie,

I’m wearing a really sexy, low cut dress to a wedding next weekend and was wondering if you think I should do anything to prep my neck/chest area?  I have a few freckles but otherwise the area is pretty pale.



Hi D!

As a fellow freckle-chest girl, I get why you’re asking.  There have been plenty of times someone has said “omg! I had no idea you were so freckly!” after seeing me in a low cut top.  Since you’re going to a more formal (I assume) kind of event, here’s what I would do to prep your décolleté (the name for the neck/chest area).

  1. Exfoliate: exfoliation is always step one when it comes to prepping skin.  I wouldn’t use anything TOO rough (you don’t want any redness or irruption) but, personally, I like a body scrub with a little salicylic acid in it.  The sal acid will fight any potential zits that might be ready to pop up AND it’s a natural exfoliant (favorites below).
  2. Apply a little shimmer/cover any imperfections with some BB Cream: If you DO have freckles or spots that you want covered or blended in a bit, I always go for a light BB Cream.  They’re usually lighter than traditional foundations, but still give some coverage.  If you have a liquid highlighter you love, you can mix a little of that in with the BB Cream!
  3. Bronze it up: I always finish off with a very LIGHT DUSTING of bronzer.  You don’t want to go too crazy, especially if you’re pale like me, so start light and build it out starting in the center of your chest.  Make sure to blend!




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