Reader Question: How many makeup brushes do you really need?

how many makeup brushes do you really need - Honestly Jamie

Hi Jamie,

Over the years I’ve accumulated about 30 makeup brushes and I want to downsize but don’t want to get rid of brushes that I might need at some point. How many makeup brushes do I actually need and what are they?



Hey K,

Well, funny you ask because I already did a post on how often you need to CLEAN your makeup brushes but you’re right to question HOW MANY brushes you need. I’ve been there too and it can be really overwhelming when you look at the brushes and you’re like “and this brush does what now?”  In reality, you could probably get away with one or two brushes if you’re a makeup minimalist but for the sake of having a solid supply (for that “what if” moment), here’s what you really need…

Foundation Brush

Concealer Brush

Brow Brush with a Spoolie

Medium Eyeshadow Brush

Small Eyeshadow Brush

Lip Brush

Powder/Blush Brush



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