Reader Question: How often should you wash your hair?

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Hi Jamie,

I really hate washing my hair and I can usually go 4-5 days with out washing it, but is that bad? I usually go by the “is it greasy?” test, but am I damaging my hair?



Hi D,

First of all, I’m totally jealous that you can go 4-5 days with out washing!  You are totally lucky…I can maybe go two days, but it depends on how I sleep and what I did the night before, haha.  Anyway, believe it or not, it’s actually BETTER not to wash your hair often!  The longer you can go between washes, the better…so keep doing your thing.  Waiting a few days actually lets your hair’s natural oils do their job and you end up with healthier, shinier hair…the only challenge is really for people like me who really don’t look good if they go more than two days with out washing.

One good trick to extend your waiting period: DRY SHAMPOO.  It’s perfect for all hair textures and really does a great job of making your hair feel cleaner and fresh…and sometimes even more voluminous.


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