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pop a zit

Hi Jamie,

I always hear how bad it is to pop your own zits but sometimes I just HAVE TO. You get it, right? Is it absolutely awful? Or is there a good way to do it that might make it OK?



Hey S,

I REALLY DO get it.  I’ve definitely had pimples where I’m just like “get OFF OF MY FACE right now” and totally disregard all of the knowledge I have about popping your own zits as potentially causing scarring or prolonging the actual pimple (cause both are true).  However, you’re right, if you pop your zit the “right” way, it can be just fine.

Step 1: Make sure that it’s not cystic acne. You 100% can’t (and shouldn’t even TRY to) pop these because it will hurt like a b*tch, make the zit worse AND nothing will even get better as far as the actual bump on your face…trust me on this one.

Step 2: Wash your face. Seriously, clean off any makeup and make sure the infected area is totally clean and dry.

Step 3: Wash your hands. Simple, yet very important so you don’t put any new germs on your face.

Step 4: Apply pressure with your fingers and squeeze.  Get into a good position and gently squeeze. Make sure you STOP when you see blood.  You just want to get out the puss, which will be white-ish. (so gross, I know)  You can also use a sterilize a needle to poke a small hole in the top of the pimple (instead of using your fingers) but I personally prefer my fingers, since needles are terrifying.

Step 5: Apply and hold a tissue to the open pimple.  Hold a tissue or small piece of toilet paper on the open zit for a few minutes, until it stops bleeding.



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2 thoughts on “Reader Question: How to pop a pimple

  1. oh, i loved to read this. i have problems with my skin and i’m 29years.. it started around may this year… i don’t know what changed..
    but i’ll try the honey wash – i’m more for simple things 😉 if it helps i’ll be luckiest girl from the world!!

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